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Plug and play heat-recovery unit

Increasingly high demands are being placed on the air quality in buildings. Multiple ventilation is often needed in order to comply with these demands. A great deal of energy is lost when standard ventilation equipment is used. To counter the loss of energy, Mark has included a heat recovery unit, the AIRSTREAM, in its product range.
The unit has an efficiency upto 90%. This means that 90% of the energy expelled is supplied to the fresh intake air. This high-efficiency means that in many cases no after-heating is required.

The AIRSTREAM heat recovery unit is available in two versions for both indoor and outdoor installation. The AIRSTREAM CFX is equipped with a certified high-efficiency counterflow heat exchanger with bypass. The AIRSTREAM HWX is equipped with a corrosion-resistant rotary heat exchanger.

Possible applications for the AIRSTREAM include: offices, schools, workshops and changing areas.

The Mark AIRSTREAM fully meets the current requirements for the ErP-regulation 1253/208 for ventilation products. Would you like to know more? Download our informative flyer.

Features of the AIRSTREAM

  • Efficiency > 90%
  • Air amounts between 600-27500 m³/h
  • 45 mm environmentally friendly foam sandwich panel
  • The outer panelling consists of galvanized plate coated in RAL 9002 (white – grey)
  • The internal panelling consists of extremely corrosion-resistant sendzimir zinc
  • Thermal-bridge-free cabinet construction with aluminum profiles
  • Seamless connection of the panels to the inside with rubber seal (hygienic)
  • High external pressure possible
  • Removable doors
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Low noise level
  • Plug & Play-version
  • Supplied pre-assembled
  • Various construction types possible as standard as well as specials on request
  • Plug Fans equipped with energy-saving EC-motors
  • Certification according to Eurovent and RLT Richtlinie-01


  • Pre- and re-heating: electric, gas, water, change-over
  • Cooling coil
  • Heat pump
  • Indirect adiabatic cooling

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