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Heat pumps

heat pumps

Wide range with various applications

Mark Climate Technology also has the energy-efficient TOSHIBA heat pumps in its program. These DX heat pumps are fully compatible with the Mark AIRSTREAM heat recovery units and the Mark air handling units. They are also available separately.


  • Combination with DX battery in an air handling unit for cooling and / or heating.
  • Combination with DX air curtains.


  • High energy efficiency, distinctive partial load efficiencies and therefore high S(easonal)COPs
  • A high and highly valued reliability
  • Inverter controlled Twin-Rotary compressor technology with individual control, low starting currents and a very large control range.
  • Technical support

Air-Water Heat Pumps

Also available are Air-Water heat pumps, which are still able to heat with the nominal capacity at an outside temperature of up to -15 °C.

heat pump AHU

Controls/to be applied for:

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